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CA ARCserve Backup r12
Video Series

The following links access 3-5 minute Flash videos containing information about CA ARCserve Backup r12. These videos may take a few minutes to load as they average 4-9 MB in size.

The topics accessed by the links are presented in logical viewing order. Subordinate topics are indented under the main video topic.

We encourage you to provide feedback for these videos and to make suggestions for additional topics.

Video Titles
File Size
How-To Video Series
Using Online Support and ASK CA (Virtual Trade Show Video) 11 minutes 10.2 MB
ARCserve 12 Video Series Introduction 1 minute 3 MB
ARCserve 12 Exchange Database Backup 4 minutes 14 MB
ARCserve 12 Exchange Document Backup 2 minutes 11 MB
Creating A Backup Job 4 minutes 34 MB
ARCserve 12 System Account 3 minutes 45 MB
ARCserve 12 Global Options Part Three 4 minutes 17 MB
ARCserve 12 Global Options Part_Two 5 minutes 14 MB
ARCserve 12 Global Options Part One 6 minutes 16 MB
ARCserve 12 GFS rotation 3 minutes 23 MB
ARCserve 12 Activity Log 3 minutes 38 MB
Agent for Sharepoint 3 minutes 14 MB
ARCserve 12 Agent for VMware 3 minutes 19 MB
ARCserve 12 and XOsoft 2 minutes 21 MB
ARCserve 12 Central Management 4 minutes 12 MB
ARCserve 12 Central Reporting 2 minutes 19 MB
ARCserve 12 DR 3 minutes 18 MB
ARCserve 12 Encryption 2 minutes 9 MB
ARCserve 12 Installation 5 minutes 8 MB
ARCserve 12 SQL Express 3 minutes 15 MB
ARCserve 12 Staging 4 minutes 10 MB
Technical Video Series
CA ARCserve r12 VMware 7 minutes 5.9 MB
CA ARCserve Intro to Release 12 7 minutes 4.3 MB
CA ARCserve r12 Centralized Management 11 minutes 7.5 MB
CA ARCserve r12 Disaster Recovery 11 minutes 4.8 MB
CA ARCserve r11.5 to r12 12 minutes 6.5 MB

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