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Video: Runtime loadlibrary considerations with API programs.
In this session we will discuss aspects of loading from the Endevor AUTHLIB and CONLIB, that are relevant when executing API programs.
2 KB 2.5 MB N/A N/A


VIDEO: Endevor settings and options for Temporary Datasets. 2 KB 2.3 MB 507 KB 3.2 MB 1.5
VIDEO: How to find EOS (end of support) date for CA Endevor. 2 KB 1.6 MB 215 KB 1.7 MB


Video: Implementing Processors in Endevor. 2 KB 3.2 MB 565 KB 3.9 MB 1.8 MB
VIDEO: CA Endevor and Resource Sharing.
This session will explain the CA Endevor Resource Sharing Rules and Enqueing.
2 KB 3.7 MB 954 MB 6.2 MB 2.7 MB
VIDEO: How to modify Inventory Analyzer rules for Cobol/LE
This session will show you how to modify Inventory Analyzer rules for Cobol/LE.
2 KB 6.5 MB 1.1 MB 8.2 MB 3.6 MB
VIDEO: The ESD/PAX Process for endevor.
Explanation of the new ESD/PAX process for CA Endevor.
2 KB 10.1 MB 1.8 MB 6.0 MB 12.7 MB
VIDEO: How to download Endevor Maintenance from
This demo will show you how to download CA Endevor maintenance from
2 KB 3.8 MB 559 KB 2.0 MB 4.2 MB
VIDEO: CA Endevor Authorized Programs Demo
Endevor and Authorized Programs. In this presentation you will learn how to authorize programs so they can run within an Endevor Processor. You will also learn how the process has changed from Release r7 to r12sp1.
2 KB 2.6 MB 622 KB 4.4 MB 1.9 MB

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