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CA InterTest for CICS
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Video: How to use the code coverage feature also known as code counting or counts? This feature keeps track of the number of times an instruction is executed.
The code coverage feature also known as code counting or counts, keeps track of the number of times a verb or source statement is executed in a program. This feature allows the programmer to identify executed and unexecuted paragraphs and source statements in a program. This feature, due to its nature causes overhead during monitoring and should be turned off as soon as it is no longer needed.
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Video: CA InterTest for CICS Graphical User Interface: How to start and run a GUI debug session?
This Video outlines the steps necessary to start and run a debug session on your PC and CICS region using the new Graphical User Interface. The Graphical User Interface is also known as the Common User Interface and was first introduced in release 8.5 of CA InterTest for CICS.
2 KB 5.0 MB N/A N/A N/A
Video: How to display data field contents in DATA or HEXADECIMAL format when stopped at a breakpoint in your program.
Starting in release 8.0 CA InterTest for CICS no longer displays data field contents in both character and hexadecimal format on the same screen. The storage display now shows the data in character or hexadecimal format but not both. This change allows more data to be displayed for the field in question.
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VIDEO: How to customize your CA InterTest for CICS debugging session options.
The LIST facility profile display panel allows programmers to customize their CA InterTest for CICS debugging session options. The profile display panel allows the programmers to customize specific functions that help meet their testing needs.
2 KB 4.0 MB 751 KB 5.3 MB 2.2 MB
VIDEO: Using the IGLU transaction to display the CA InterTest for CICS global user exits.
In this video we would like to show you what CICS global user exits CA InterTest for CICS uses, how they are started and how you can stop them.
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VIDEO: CA InterTest for CICS 8.5 Graphic User Interface. How to assign a Windows Function Key to the CA InterTest for CICS 'Step Once' command.
This video will outline the steps required to assign a Windows Function Key to the CA InterTest for CICS Step Once command. In this video we will assign F10 to the Step Once command.
2 KB 3.1 MB 438 KB 3.0 MB 1.3 MB
VIDEO: Demonstration of the CA Intertest for CICS Installation Verification Process.
This video demonstrates a step by step procedure that can be used to verify that SymDump for CICS has been installed correctly in your CICS environment.
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