CA MICS Resource Management
Implementation Document Index

Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC1065268 How to specify spanned DASD volumes in member JCLDEF 06/01/15
TEC499755 How to define the Capacity Planner Files to Q&R Workstation? 10/26/13
TEC501013 What Options/Features of CA MICS Require SAS Graph? 04/26/13
TEC487293 Multiple BCDS and MCDS files for VCCRUN. 04/26/13
TEC373468 NeuMICS zAAP Processor Support 04/26/13
TEC557101 BAS00126I in Special Unit DAILY Job 04/04/13
TEC553824 Procedure to follow when adding a file to a Special UNIT. 04/04/13
TEC552858 U0002 ABEND in ESDyymmL 04/04/13
TEC548052 Applying MICS R12.6 to a complex that has never had the Q&R Component before. 04/04/13
TEC547509 If you have a user mod in LDE, where to integrate this? 04/04/13
TEC547508 What is the difference between IMSLDR10 and IMSLDR20? 04/04/13
TEC537523 Where to increase the size of TEMPSAS generated dataset via MWF option 2.0.6? 04/04/13
TEC532104 Video: Making a change to prefix.PARMS (ZONE) 04/04/13
TEC531999 Video: How to display LMP keys for CA MICS. 04/04/13
TEC531596 CONSOLIDATED CHECKLIST for CA MICS maintenance may fail with a S0C1 abend. 04/04/13
TEC527502 Warning message in MICSLOG running prefix.CNTL (JCLGENA) 04/04/13
TEC522091 New space allocation for R12.5 PSP1005, PAX install. 04/04/13
TEC512606 How to remove PF Keys display on ISPF and MICF panels 04/04/13
TEC512586 Question when applying DB26750 regarding Incremental Update 04/04/13
TEC512170 VIDEO: How to Delete Accounting COMPCODES. 04/04/13
TEC512139 Video: What is required when you have "COMPLEXSYSIDPARM USE" specified in prefix.PARMS(SYSID) and you add new sysids in sharedprefix.PARMS(CPLXSID). 04/04/13
TEC511962 Video: How to Define the accounting calendar via panels. 04/04/13
TEC511735 How to remove the MODEL DCB from the CA MICS JCL. 04/04/13
TEC510557 CA MICS abends with BAS00107E when records deleted in USRxxxx exits and cccACRT. 04/04/13
TEC505373 How to add an additional STEPLIB for MWF execution JCL? 04/04/13
TEC505192 How to activate USEROBJLIB for user written formats on complex level or on unit level? 04/04/13
TEC505188 ACT00107E you must modify your accounting calendar definition. The calendar does not have an entry for julian date: JULIAN_DATE. 04/04/13
TEC505120 How to add a user-defined element, populated by TSTOTCT, to the CICCSU file? 04/04/13
TEC505073 DAYSMF will option delete some SMF record types. 04/04/13
TEC504738 VIDEO: How to Define a Permanent Job Statement for MICF batch jobs? 04/04/13
TEC504679 How to get the ORGSYSID and ORGIMSID in MICS and IMSLOG? 04/04/13
TEC503156 ERROR: Sort failed during output after writing nnnnn observations successfully. 04/04/13
TEC503073 Does CA MICS support compressed CICS SMF records introduced with CICS/TS 3.2 and above? 04/04/13
TEC490921 Use of parm HASH=YES in UNZIPJCL for CA-MICS Product. 04/04/13
TEC483302 Getting RMF00114W messages running sp.CNTL(RMFCGEN) for R12SP3 / PSP0810 04/04/13
TEC481915 HISTW or HISTM job failing on a Tape I/O error. 04/04/13
TEC481777 Support for z/VM 5.4 is supplied by VMC6562. 04/04/13
TEC481776 How to move multiple VMT updates from MVS to VM? 04/04/13
TEC481775 Is there a CICS Analyzer field to match IBM field TSTOTCT? 04/04/13
TEC481763 What is required fo convert CA-MICS to a new SAS version? 04/04/13
TEC473103 JCLCHECK error for p.TAPELOAD.CNTL(PSPyymmL) 04/04/13
TEC444083 Define and Generate Products 04/04/13
TEC428510 Recovering from MICF query error "BATCH JOB NOT AVAILABLE" 04/04/13
TEC405082 Combining Information from HARCPU and HARLPC Files 04/04/13
TEC395345 VCC - Run-Time Parameter Specification 04/04/13
TEC395343 Using MICS Formats in Reporting 04/04/13
TEC395342 TSO Analyzer Product File Architecture 04/04/13
TEC395341 Tracking Response Time in NeuMICS 04/04/13
TEC395340 How to "UNSPLIT" an installed data base unit? 04/04/13
TEC395338 Changing the Sharedprefix, Prefix, Tapeprefix, or Procedure Library Name for MICS 04/04/13
TEC395335 Matrix of Standard Applications and MICS Files required 04/04/13
TEC395332 How to Recover from an Abend in Aging 04/04/13
TEC395326 Problems exiting the MICS Production reporting screen ICFJ620 04/04/13
TEC395324 PGEN's to Run for P.PARMS MEMBER Changes. 04/04/13
TEC395232 Operational Status and Tracking - Facilities 04/04/13
TEC395230 NeuMICS Support for System Address Spaces 04/04/13
TEC395228 Order of MSI Statements 04/04/13
TEC395227 MICS Summarization Macros 04/04/13
TEC395224 Implementing Data Base Compression in an Existing MICS Field Developed Application 04/04/13
TEC395133 How To Obtain Accounting Information For NJE Job? 04/04/13
TEC395132 How to Turn on Source in a MICS Environment 04/04/13
TEC395129 Changing a TEST unit into either a PRIMARY unit or a STANDARD unit 04/04/13
TEC395128 How to add an 8 character COMMON element to the MICS CICS Analyzer. 04/04/13
TEC395087 Exception Process Overview 04/04/13
TEC395081 Excluding a SYSID from processing 04/04/13
TEC395080 Difference between Computation Code, Invoice Category and Cost Center Invoice Formats. 04/04/13
TEC395077 Deactivating Account Codes in given TS 04/04/13
TEC395075 Convert Inquiries from MICS1 to MICS2 04/04/13
TEC395074 Error Message CIC06024E seen in the MICS LOG 04/04/13
TEC395062 Changing Databasetype 04/04/13
TEC395061 Changing Databasename 04/04/13
TEC395060 Matching MICS Batch Information Area files to Accounting Journal files 04/04/13
TEC395059 Using MICS to Track "Exceptional Occurrences" 04/04/13
TEC582740 U002 Abend in #PFHFND step of ESDyymmL Job 04/03/13
TEC574238 MICS apply job getting JCL error sp..TEMPPARM dataset. 04/03/13
TEC574124 z/linux support in CA MICS Resource Management 04/03/13
TEC501052 Selecting a subset of records for DETAIL TAPECSU. 04/03/13
TEC501011 Reducing DETAIL timespan space required for large DETAIL files. 04/03/13
TEC500562 Multiple Ways to Define a Special Calendar in CA MICS. 04/03/13
TEC500238 Changing ESSENTIAL and DERIVED sharedprefix.parms(CPLXDEF) Parameters. 04/03/13
TEC499740 Modifying sharedprefix.PROTOLIB members. 04/03/13
TEC498652 How to determine the composition of a CA MICS complex? 04/03/13
TEC498649 How much space is required for the pax.Z archive and the unpacked files.  04/03/13
TEC492740 Unzip error "The system cannot open the device or file specified" on Q&R zip file downloaded from Support Online. 04/03/13
TEC481331 SP.CNTL(VMCCGEN) FAILS WITH SAS ERRORS - ERROR 390-185 and ERROR 76-322 04/03/13
TEC477605 How to list the contents of a format? 04/03/13
TEC476657 Instructions to Load and Apply an Interim Fix 04/03/13
TEC475267 How to increase the number of lines in checkpoint dataset? 04/03/13
TEC344453 Multilevel Security Considerations for Unicenter NeuMICS Resource Management 04/03/13
TEC546921 How to get the MICS PAX file via CA MSM. 04/01/13
TEC499842 How to get the correct value for parameter MQRDSn (n=1 to 5) for sharedprefix.cntl (MQRHOST). 10/21/09
TEC499754 How to manage published Q&R Query Output? 10/18/09

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