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CA MIM Resource Sharing
Implementation Document Index

Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC563475 Dynamically deleting tape devices from MIA's control 03/09/15
TEC562551 Dynamically adding tape devices to MIA's control 03/09/15
TEC564670 Changing MIM CTC definitions 09/11/14
TEC564408 MIM0095E MIM/MIA MSIERROR CODE=1818 issued by MIMTPNTR.MIMTPNTR+2B74 Unexpected ENFREQ Service Failure 09/11/14
TEC534793 A MIM APAR has been installed, but it is not correcting the problem. 04/05/13
TEC528076 SCOPE value on CA MII-processed ENQ requests. 04/05/13
TEC565058 How to remove a MIM system in a Virtual Control File (VCF) environment. 03/14/13
TEC563474 Moving a MIM DASD Control File 03/14/13
TEC544762 Video: Eliminating The U1222 Abend at MIM Local Shutdown Processing. 03/14/13
TEC544761 Video: Running CA MIM as a System Address Space. 03/14/13
TEC543399 Running CA MIM As A System Address Space 03/14/13
TEC543392 Assigning Command Authorization to z/VM Users 03/14/13
TEC543391 Customizing CA MIM Messages 03/14/13
TEC540608 MIM support of REUSASID for reusing an address space 03/14/13
TEC532495 Can we place the MIM Control File on an SMS managed volume? 03/14/13
TEC510576 Page-fixing CA MIM Cell Pooled Control Blocks 03/14/13
TEC510575 Determining Whether z/VM Is Sending Reserve CCWs to Devices 03/14/13
TEC510574 Sharing Dasd Devices on z/OS Guest Systems Under z/VM 03/14/13
TEC504687 Video: How to change QNAMES being managed by Multi-Image Integrity? 03/14/13
TEC498338 Shared DASD Requirements for Running CA MIM for z/VM. 03/14/13
TEC496876 Installing CA MIM via the ESDPAX Process. 03/14/13
TEC483744 Dynamic Compatlevel Activation 03/14/13
TEC483742 Address Space Creation Utility 03/14/13
TEC477743 Using The CA MIM Parmlib SyntaxSCAN Utility 03/14/13
TEC470242 VIDEO: How to Download Fixes from Support Online 03/14/13
TEC463598 Exploiting IBM Sysplex Services to Automatically FREE a System from the MIMplex 03/14/13
TEC463389 CTC Path Validation Utility 03/14/13
TEC429495 Selecting a Communication Method 03/14/13
TEC414453 Unicenter CA-MIM integrated Status and Health Check Operational Details 03/14/13
TEC406267 Mainframe Environmental Discovery Service MIM (MEDSMIM) 03/14/13
TEC402567 Issues Relating to IBM's Console Restructure 03/14/13
TEC389688 Allocating and Deallocating Control Files and Checkpoint Files 03/14/13
TEC385969 Unicenter CA-MIM Command Changes for Toleration of IBM's Console Restructure Changes 03/14/13
TEC357392 Avoiding Control File Formats with the ACTIVATE COMPATLEVEL Command 03/14/13
TEC323624 Unicenter CA-MIM for z/VM LMP Key Support 03/14/13
TEC284351 Customizing MIM Messages 03/14/13
TEC585941 Running mixed releases of MIM for z/OS 11.7, 11.8, and 11.9 in the same MIMplex. 02/04/13
TEC530468 Intra-address space ENQ conflicts 07/08/11
TEC539893 Managing the SYSDSN qname to protect datasets in a shared DASD environment 01/23/11
TEC536894 How to respond to HCD ACTIVATE failure in which deleting a tape device fails with the description MIM2098 device pinned by CA MIA? 12/03/10
TEC527297 How to manage qname SYSIGGV1. 08/01/10
TEC429502 Getting Ready for CA MIM r11.6 User Exit Enhancements 07/21/07
TEC429497 Multi-platform Tape Device Sharing - the z/VM Connection 07/21/07
TEC360685 Achieving Higher Levels of Resource Serialization 02/28/07
TEC393063 Unicenter CA-MII Compatibility with IBM GDPS/PPRC HyperSwap Function 03/31/06
TEC311221 Answers to Unicenter CA-MIA Enhanced Vary Serialization Implementation Questions 01/02/04
TEC273103 New Linux Tape-sharing Feature 04/24/03

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