CA Single Sign-On 12.0
Solutions & Patches

Name Type Size Date Released Description Prerequisites
RO28430 CAZ 59.3 MB 03/24/11 WIN-SSO 12.0.5078 (CR8) WINDOWS PSA None
RO28395 CAZ 58.9 MB 03/24/11 WIN-SSO 12.0.5076 (CR8) WINDOWS AUTH AGENT None
RO28391 CAZ 60.0 MB 03/24/11 WIN-SSO 12.0.5076 (CR8) CERT AUTH AGENT None
RO28390 CAZ 65.2 MB 03/24/11 WIN-SSO 12.0.5078 (CR8) CLIENT None
RO28386 CAZ 223.3 MB 03/24/11 WIN-SSO 12.0.5076 (CR8) WINDOWS SERVER None
RO21654 CAZ 61.8 MB 08/25/10 WIN-SSO 12.0.5070 (CR7) SESSION ADMINISTRATOR None
RO21653 CAZ 26.9 MB 08/25/10 WIN-SSO 12.0.5069 (CR7) APPLICATION WIZARD None
RO19806 CAZ 59.1 MB 06/25/10 WIN-SSO 12.0.5067 (CR6) RSA AUTH AGENT None
RO19804 CAZ 60.8 MB 06/25/10 WIN-SSO 12.0.5067 (CR6) LDAP AUTH AGENT None
RO19776 CAZ 14.3 MB 06/25/10 WIN-SSO 12.0.5067 (CR6) ADSL None
RO19773 CAZ 22.7 MB 06/25/10 WIN-SSO 12.0.5067 (CR6) POLICY MANAGER None
RO17942 CAZ 662 KB 05/03/10 WIN-12.0.5063 (CR5) SSO PSLANG None
RO17864 CAZ 112.0 MB 05/03/10 WIN-12.0.5065 (CR5) SSO INTEGRATION KIT None

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