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CA Single Sign-On 12.1
Solutions & Patches

  • Unix/Linux
  • Windows
  • Name Type Size Date Released Description Prerequisites
    RO54605 CAZ
    292.0 MB
    356.5 MB
    02/01/13 SUN-SSO 12.1.1112 (CR6) SOLARIS SERVER None
    RO54577 CAZ
    308.2 MB
    382.7 MB
    02/01/13 LNX-SSO 12.1.1112 (CR6) LINUX SERVER None
    RO54654 CAZ 167.4 MB 02/01/13 WIN-SSO (CR6) WINDOWS CLIENT None
    RO54607 CAZ 567.0 MB 02/01/13 WIN-SSO (CR6) WINDOWS SERVER None
    RO54606 CAZ 26.3 MB 01/31/13 WIN-SSO (CR6) POLICY MANAGER None
    RO54575 CAZ 135.2 MB 01/30/13 WIN-SSO 12.1.1112 (CR6) INTEGRATION KIT None
    RO54524 CAZ 17.5 MB 01/29/13 WIN-SSO 12.1.1113 (CR6) ADS LISTENER None
    RO46723 CAZ 78.7 MB 06/04/12 WIN-SSO 12.1.1089 (CR5) WINDOWS PSA None
    RO46718 CAZ 77.0 MB 06/04/12 WIN-SSO 12.1.1088 (CR5) LDAP AUTH AGENT None
    RO46711 CAZ 74.3 MB 06/04/12 WIN-SSO 12.1.1088 (CR5) WIN AUTH AGENT None
    RO46707 CAZ 108.8 MB 06/04/12 WIN-SSO 12.1.1091 (CR5) APPLICATION WIZARD None
    RO36640 CAZ 75.4 MB 10/25/11 WIN-SSO 12.1.1080 (CR4) CERT AUTH AGENT None
    RO36635 CAZ 263.6 MB 10/25/11 WIN-SSO 12.1.1080 (CR4) RSA AUTH AGENT None
    RO36643 CAZ 77.2 MB 10/24/11 WIN-SSO 12.1.1080 (CR4) SESSION ADMINISTRATOR None

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