CA Single Sign-On 8.1
Solutions & Patches

  • Unix/Linux
  • Windows

  • Name Type Size Date Released Description Prerequisites
    RO18813 CAZ
    217.3 MB
    269.8 MB
    05/27/10 HP -SSO 8.1.4294 (CR21) HPUX SERVER None
    RO15151 CAZ
    260.4 MB
    329.7 MB
    02/09/10 SUN-SSO CR20 SOLARIS SERVER None
    RO15111 CAZ
    229.6 MB
    280.3 MB
    02/09/10 AIX-SSO CR20 AIX SERVER None
    RO15109 CAZ
    179.2 MB
    230.1 MB
    02/08/10 LNX-SSO CR20 LINUX SERVER None
    QO87864 CAZ
    33.9 MB
    46.7 MB
    04/30/07 LRH- PSA FOR LINUX 4.0 None
    QO87235 CAZ
    45.1 MB
    62.3 MB
    03/30/07 AIX- PSA FOR AIX 5.3 None
    RO18809 CAZ 125.7 MB 05/27/10 WIN-SSO 8.1.4294 (CR21) WINDOWS SERVER None
    RO18807 CAZ 40.1 MB 05/27/10 WIN-SSO 8.1.20809 (CR21) WINDOWS PSA None
    RO14930 CAZ 33.0 MB 01/29/10 WIN-SSO CR20 CLIENT None
    RO11613 CAZ 451.9 MB 09/25/09 WIN-SSO 8.1 CR19 INTEGRATION KIT None
    RO10075 CAZ 5.9 MB 07/28/09 WIN- SSO ADSLISTENER None
    RO10074 CAZ 28.7 MB 07/28/09 WIN- SSO CERT AUTH None
    RO07205 CAZ 28.2 MB 05/07/09 WIN- SSO CR17 WINDOWS AUTH AGENT None
    RO07202 CAZ 29.4 MB 05/07/09 WIN- SSO CR17 APP WIZARD None
    RO05451 CAZ 28.7 MB 02/09/09 WIN-8.1.0 20720 CR16 LDAP AUTH AGENT None
    RO03546 CAZ 971 KB 11/07/08 WIN- CR15 PSLANG None
    QO95550 CAZ 8.3 MB 03/12/08 WIN-SSO IIS WEB AGENT None
    QO89769 CAZ 14.2 MB 07/13/07 WIN- (GA) POLICY MANAGER 8.0.1088 None
    QO88882 CAZ 29.8 MB 06/06/07 WIN- (CR3) SSO SESSION ADMINISTRATOR None
    QO87039 CAZ 34.3 MB 03/26/07 WIN- CR1 RSA AUTH AGENT None

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