Advantage CA-IDMS for BS2000
Product Announcement

June 13, 2006

Dear Valued Customer:

CA is continually working to improve our software and services to best meet the needs of our customers. To effectively support the latest computing environments and those of the future, we continually evaluate our products to determine their strategic direction. To focus our development and support efforts on our most strategic business tools we have decided we will functionally stabilize the Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database product family ( formerly known as CA-IDMS) for the BS2000/OSD operating system at release 16.

This means the Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database product family for the BS2000/OSD operating system will not be enhanced beyond r16. Maintenance and support for the Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database r16 product family for the BS2000/OSD operating system, however, will continue and be consistent with Fujitsu Siemens Computers plans for the operating system. Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database r16 is supported today for release 6.0A of BS2000/OSD. Support for future releases of BS2000/OSD will be determined on a case by case basis pending certification test results. When the Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database r15 product family goes out of support, you will have the opportunity to license Extended Support for r15, if necessary.

The Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database product family for the BS2000/OSD operating system contains the following products:

Advantage CA-ADS for CA-IDMS
Advantage CA-ADS Batch Option
Advantage CA-Culprit for CA-IDMS
Advantage CA-EDP Auditor
Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database
Advantage CA-IDMS/DC Transaction Server Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database APPC Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Dictionary Loader Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Performance Monitor Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Presspack Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Server Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database SQL Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Universal Communication Facility Option
Advantage CA-OLQ Online Query for CA-IDMS
Advantage CA-ADS Alive Option
Advantage CA-ADS Trace Option
Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database Analyzer Option
Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database Audit Option
Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database Reorg Option
Advantage CA-IDMS/DC Transaction Server Sort Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Dictionary Migrator Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Dictionary Module Editor Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Dictionary Query Facility Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database DML Online Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Enforcer Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Extractor Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Log Analyzer Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Masterkey Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Online Log Display Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database SASO Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Schema Mapper Option
Advantage CA-IDMS Database Task Analyzer Option

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact your local CA office. A complete listing of CA offices can be found at For additional information on Advantage CA-IDMS/DB Database, please visit the Advantage CA-IDMS pages at

We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with you. Your success is very important to us.

Judith M. Kruntorad
Judith M. Kruntorad
Advantage CA-IDMS Product Line Manager

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