CA XCOM Data Transport
Distributed Platform Compatibilities

Last Updated: July 13, 2017

UNIX Midrange
Linux Windows


Operating System Upgrade Information
UNIX Platforms
Digital UNIX / True 64 RI59035
HP/UX IA64 RI59044
NCR 3000 ATT MP-RAS RI59042
AIX RS/6000 RI59040
SCO OpenServer RI59041
SCO UnixWare RI59051
Solaris Sparc RI59038
Solaris X86 RI59039
Linux Platforms
Redhat X86 RI59036
Redhat s390 RI82458
Oracle X86 RI59045
Suse X86 RI59046
Suse s390 RI59037
Midrange Platforms
AS/400 RISC RI59050
HP NonStop MIPS RI59047
HP NonStop IA64 RI59048
HP Nonstop XEON RI97062
OpenVMS Alpha RI59053
OpenVMS I64 RI59054
Stratus Continuum RI59566
Windows Platforms
Windows 10 RI83128
Windows 2012 Core RI79447
Windows 2012 RI79526
Windows 8.1 RI79525
Windows 7 RI57459
Windows 2008 RI57440
Windows Vista RI57456
Windows 2003 RI57460
Windows XP RI57451
Windows 2000 RI57443

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