CA Software Change Manager Certification Summary

Last Updated: April 22, 2003

We have gone through certification testing of Harvest 5.1.1 on the Red Hat platform and have certified the product to be overall functional. There are some areas that are not quite functional, and details are listed below. If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support.

Date of Certification: March 2003
Harvest Version: 5.1.1
Platform: Red Hat 7
Components Certified: Harvest Server
Common Components
Harvest Remote Agent
Lic98 Licensing

Certification tests performed:

Installation tests:

Components Component List Status Star Issue # Comments
Harvest Server Common Components Lic98 Licensing v.1.46 Pass    
  CA Cryptography (CACE) Pass    
  Enterprise Communicator (PEC) v4.3.0 Pass    
  CAI/PT ODBC (rls v3.11 2001/11/26 16:18) Pass    
  Harvest Server 5.1.1 Pass    
Agent CA Cryptography (CACE) Pass    
  Enterprise Communicator (PEC) v4.3.0 Pass    
  Harvest Remote Agent 5.1.1 Pass    
Harweb v3.1 Harweb installed into Jakarta-Tomcat 4.0.1 using Sun JDK v1.4.0 Pass    

Functional tests:

Components Component List Status Star Issue # Comments
Lic98 v1.46 Performed LIC98 Development QA Testing Procedures Pass    
Harvest Server Broker/Server startup/shutdown Pass    
  Password Policy Pass    
  UDP Execution Pass    
  Basic Functionality: Administrative and Workbench Pass    
Harvest Client Harvest command-line verified. Pass    
Harvest Agent Remote Agent tests were run utilizing basic checkin/checkout scenarios. Pass    
Harweb Basic test on Administrative functions Pass    
  Basic test on Workbench functions Pass    

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