Unicenter NSM 3.0 and Red Hat Linux 2.1 Advanced Server

Product: Unicenter NSM 3.0
Last Updated: February 20, 2003

The following components of Unicenter NSM 3.0 have been certified on Red Hat 2.1 Advanced Server
  • AT Common Services and Remote DSM
  • System Agents (caiUxOs, caiLogA2, proAgent)
  • Performance Agents (prfAgent, hpaAgent)
  • Database Agents (cailngA2, imxAgent, caiSybA2, db2agent)
  • Event Agent
  • EM Manager, Workload Agent, Tape Agent
  • AT Local DSM and Worldview
  • Explorer

    The Oracle agent will be certified in the near future.

    The database agents support the following databases:
    • Ingres 2.0
    • Informix 2000
    • Sybase 11.9.2
    • UDB 7.1, 7.2 Contact Unicenter support for the appropriate test and published fixes.

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