CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.5
End of Service Announcement

Date: June 20, 2012

To: CA MICS Resource Management Customers
From: The CA Technologies CA MICS RM Product Team
Subject:  End of Service Announcement for CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.5

CA Technologies is continually working to improve our software and services to best meet the needs of our customers. In accordance with our CA Support Policy and Terms (, please consider this letter your written notification that we are discontinuing support for CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.5 beginning July 01, 2013. This will allow our Development organization to more effectively focus its resources on and add value to the next release of CA MICS Resource Management.

At this time, we encourage you to plan for the migration to CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.7 as soon as possible, so you can take full advantage of the latest new features and enhancements this release has to offer. The number of enhancements provided with CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.7 are too numerous to list here, please refer to the Product Maintenance Letter published as RI42946 for a description of the enhancements. For additional information on CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.7, please visit the CA MICS Resource Management pages at CA Support Online (

As CA Technologies would like to help make your upgrade to CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.7 as straightforward and successful as possible, we are offering the following:

  • A no-charge software upgrade from CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.5 to CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.7 for any customer with an active maintenance contract.

  • Documentation to help prepare you for your upgrade to CA MICS Resource Management Release 12.7 can be viewed at CA Support Online (

  • CA Services is available to provide consulting services for any or all parts of the upgrade, including analysis of the current system, preparation for the upgrade, testing, and performing the upgrade itself. Please visit

  • CA Technologies is committed to providing superior support to our customers using our technology solutions. CA Extended Support, one of the CA Technologies support offerings, is designed to extend support for CA Technologies software product versions or releases that have reached their End of Service Date. Please visit our website, CA Support Online (, for more information.

If you have any questions regarding the support schedule, please contact CA MICS Resource Management CA Support at CA Support Online (, your local CA Account Manager, Customer Success Manager or CA Customer Care online at where you can submit an online request using the Customer Care web form: You can also call  CA Customer Care at +1-800-225-5224 in North America or see for the local number in your country.

Your success is very important to us, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with you.

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