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Get a look at CA Technologies portfolio of solutions to manage your entire application lifecycle.


Rally Software®

(formerly CA Agile Central)

Build and deliver the right software with speed, quality and efficiency with a platform built for scaling agile.


Purposeful collaboration: A chat and integration workspace for teams.​


Layer7® Live API Creator

(formerly CA Live API Creator)

Instantly create enterprise-class APIs and microservices.

CA Brightside Community Edition

Command Line Interface (CLI) Into Your Mainframe


CA Agile Requirements Designer

Improve software quality, reduce testing costs and speed up application delivery.

CA BlazeMeter

Test for performance earlier in your SDLC through to production with a next-generation SaaS and on-premises solution.

CA Service Virtualization Community Edition

Quickly adopt service virtualization to accelerate your agile testing. 

CA Service Virtualization Test Drive

Simulate unavailable systems across your SDLC.

CA Test Data Manager 

Locate Sensitive Data, Build a Heatmap, Build a Report


CA Continuous Delivery Automation

(formerly CA Automic Release Automation)

Orchestrate your devops toolchain and automate deployments. Deliver application-ready infrastructures and achieve continuous delivery across dev, test and production. Automate everything.


Layer7® API Management

(formerly CA API Management)

Publish secure, scalable APIs with an industry-leading API management solution.

CA Application Performance Management

Delight users, differentiate your business and protect your experts.

CA App Synthetic Monitor

Deliver quality software to market earlier, at less cost, by fully automating software testing.

CA App Experience Analytics

Fix crashes, boost performance and get to know your users across Web, mobile and wearables with the power of analytics.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management 

Get a unified view and architecture to help optimize the performance of all your critical systems, networks and services across hybrid IT infrastructures.

CA Automic Service Orchestration

If your organization demands flexibility and scalability, our intelligent automation can help you succeed.

CA Automic Workload Automation

Deliver continuous operations with your business application processing using Automic Workload Automation.


Build trust in your APIs with proactive monitoring to ensure you know if problems exist before your customers do.