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Rally┬« Helps Teams Work Better Together
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(formerly CA Agile Central)

Easy to Plan, Track, and Release. Try the Most Comprehensive Enterprise-Class Software for Scaling Agile. See How!

Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) agile software is purpose-built for scaling agile across large organizations.

Features and capabilities include:

  • Deliver Customer Value to Market, Faster
    Plan frequently, ship quickly and respond easily to market changes

  • Align Work to Business Goals
    Focus your teams on what matters by connecting work to decisions

  • Empower Teams to Work More Efficiently
    Allow users to easily access the right level and complexity of work
  • Measure Productivity and Predictability
    Eliminate bottlenecks and blocks with data-driven planning
  • Enable Collaboration Across Tools, Teams and Time Zones
    Streamline collaboration & communication with a full tool integration

See how it works in 1 minute:

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Portfolio Items Hierarchy

Portfolio Items Hierarchy

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Team Planning

Team Planning

Release Tracking

Release Tracking

Work Views

Work Views

Team Board

Team Board

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