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Get CA Brightside Community Edition

Command Line Interface (CLI) Into Your Mainframe

Use CA Brightside to:

  • Download and upload datasets
  • Push/pull code from CA Endevor® SCM
  • Kick off builds
  • Deploy applications
  • Submit jobs
  • Run TSO and console commands
  • Provision test environments like IBM® CICS®
  • Run SQL queries on IBM® Db2®

You can use CA Brightside with scripting languages like shell or python as well as development tools like Gradle or Jenkins to automate tasks and to build CI/CD pipelines.

CA Brightside is highly extensible and it currently includes plugins for CA Endevor® SCM, CA FileMaster™ Plus and IBM® Db2®.

CA Brightside Community Edition is provided free of cost, on an “as-is” basis, without warranty of any kind and without support. We make no guarantees regarding the performance, quality or maintenance of CA Brightside Community Edition.

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CA Brightside relies on IBM® z/OS® Management Facility (z/OSMF) for API access into the mainframe. Consult your IT department to ensure that z/OSMF is set up properly before you use CA Brightside. You can extend CA Brightside using plug-ins and those might require access to other APIs.

General prerequisites: node.JS®, Python v2.7, C++ Compiler (GCC), Libsecret

Specific platform instructions are here.

CA Brightside: Mainframe Interaction Framework

CA Brightside: Getting Started

CA Brightside: Demo Video