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Our Mission

We eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes.

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Every idea needs a champion.

To succeed in this age of digital transformation, you have to dream big. Challenge convention. Push the boundaries of technology. But just having groundbreaking ideas isn’t enough. You need to make them real. At CA, our sole purpose is to remove the obstacles our customers face every day. It’s what we do and what drives us as a company.

What makes CA unique

What makes CA unique in our ability to help customers is more than the sum of our experience and expertise—it’s how we view the world, who we are, how we live and how we work. In fulfilling our mission, it’s not just what we do that matters. It’s what we believe. To learn more about what drives CA, click on the portraits below.

John Toomey

VP of Global Sales, Agile Central Division

“A resilience to help our customers succeed. That’s been our number one goal.”

John Toomey
VP of Global Sales, Agile Central Division

Alida Montes

Sr. Director, Global Sales Operations

Mike Durkin

VP, Global Partner Technical Solutions

Anna Griffin

SVP, Corporate Marketing

“Collaborating with our customers is an important way to be able to sense changes very quickly.”

Angela Tucci
General Manager, Agile Management Business Unit

Angela Tucci

General Manager, Agile Management Business Unit

Ideas that win

Learn how CA Technologies helps innovators seize opportunity wherever it lives.

Josie Zimmerman

Marketing Director

Paul Pedrazzi

General Manager & Head of Design

Tyson Whitten

Sr. Director, API Management Product & Solution Marketing

Katherine Demacopoulos

VP, Content Marketing

“Whenever challenges come up, we all band together and we figure out the right solution. It’s just what we do.”

Katherine Demacopoulos
VP, Content Marketing

Melissa Blankenbaker

VP, HR Business Partner

Chris Schwartz

VP of Sales, America/Asia, Agile Business Unit

Tino Mathew

Sr. Director, Digital Presales

The DNA of CA

How we live, work and succeed.

How we work with you

Beyond world-class solutions, we provide expert guidance, advice and partnership that creates immediate and lasting business value.

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