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Advanced Analytics

Stop drowning in data. Surface the insights that drive better business outcomes.

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Competing and winning in the application economy requires an advanced analytics-driven approach.

We see a world where everything is instrumented and analytics are everywhere, solving specific business challenges. Advanced Analytics from CA helps solve these challenges by helping you:

  • Deliver a five-star customer experience by uniquely combining app performance with user behavior analysis.
  • Secure your business with frictionless fraud prevention and immediate privileged access threat prevention.
  • Diagnose app performance issues and proactively resolve them before they become problems.

By putting data to work and automating the routine, you can spend less time reacting to problems and more time delighting your customers. 


Advanced Analytics—Your Path to Optimization

Five-star customer experiences

Advanced security without friction

Free up experts while managing to SLAs


Five-star digital experiences

To achieve a successful digital transformation, organizations need to deliver stellar user experiences and performant applications. But, the increasing volume, variety and velocity of monitoring data across users, apps, APIs, infrastructure and networks make this difficult.

With integrated, end-to-end visibility combined with analytics and cross-tier correlation you can proactively optimize user experiences, protecting your brand and driving revenue.

Advanced analytics has played a central role in the success of the CNN Politics app and its ability to delight users time and time again.

John Hashimoto, VP of Digital Product at CNN


Advanced security to prevent breaches

Security breaches come at enormous costs. While the monetary losses are huge, the brand implications are often catastrophic. The modern enterprise needs sophisticated tools to protect your customer’s valuable information.

With features like behavioral profiling, you can proactively guard against online fraud while ensuring a frictionless user experience.


Predict problems sooner and protect your experts

Managing the complex systems that run your business is far from simple. Information overload leads to inefficiency and poor decisions. In today’s world of zero tolerance for downtime or delays, you need smarter and faster ops that combine machine-data with embedded intelligence and automation to proactively predict problems and address them sooner.

Advanced Analytics Applied

With advanced analytics capabilities—including predictive and prescriptive—you will be able to distil meaning from previously untapped data resources and unlock timely data-driven insights that can take your business performance to a new level.

Our analytics architecture gives you flexibility and scalability using the best of open source and industry-proven standards. And we’re incorporating our deep IT domain and data science expertise, so you don’t have to.

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