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Agile Management

Redefine how you plan, execute and track work. Modern business management provides the insights you need to make investment decisions, align work to funding and strategy and pivot when required.​

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Clarity PPM (Project & Portfolio Management) + Rally Software® (formerly CA Agile Central)

Your business needs to evolve continuously—adapting to new opportunities, threats and customer needs, while delivering results on key strategic initiatives. Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) helps you adapt, accelerate cycle time and boost both quality and efficiency. Clarity PPM (formerly CA Project Portfolio Management) helps with strategic planning, investment decisions and tracking. The two tools integrate to provide transparency and insight across the value stream. Using the two tools together allows the leaders setting the strategy to see work status and ROI, and the teams executing the work to see how their work ties directly into the overall business strategy. Download the free infographic for more information.

Clarity PPM

Steer the business based on real-time facts and insights.


Align strategy and daily work with speed, quality and efficiency.

Modern Business Management Leaders

We know that most businesses benefit from adopting agile, particularly in a volatile, highly competitive marketplace. With increased agile engagement and adoption also comes a commensurate need for governance and management.

When trying to integrate and balance these two disciplines, challenges may surface. This is where CA is well-positioned to help.

Get the latest IDC MarketScape report to learn how CA is solving these challenges with the integration of Clarity PPM and Rally (formerly CA Agile Central), and see why we are a leader in the Agile PPM market.

IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Agile PPM 2017 Vendor Assessment

Modern businesses close the gap between strategy and execution.

When strategy is disconnected from work execution, business leaders lack the data they need to make wise investment decisions and pivots. Portfolio managers are forever bogged down in spreadsheets instead of helping the business maximize ROI. And execution teams aren't building the things that matter most.

Agile Management solutions from CA integrate portfolio management capabilities with agile development to bridge this gap and align strategic investments with work execution. 

This means you can grow agile adoption alongside traditional development methods, and deliver on your strategic priorities faster—with higher quality and predictable business results.

CA transforms the business with its own Agile Management solutions.

Using our own solutions, CA has fundamentally transformed its IT organization and made it more agile. Not just in terms of the methodology it follows, but by being responsive to changing business demands, which translates into new business needs.

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Clarity PPM and Rally

The adaptive enterprise is built on clear business visibility enabling the insights you need to make decisions and align value-driven work. Get this solution brief to learn how two distinct but complementary leading planning and optimization tools can help you align value-driven work across all teams.

Aligning Value-Driven Work

Today’s adaptive enterprises have to leverage data to remain flexible and responsive, but they need the right data. And it isn’t easy. Many companies struggle to improve work orchestration while maintaining the visibility executives need. That’s why we created Clarity PPM + Rally. Together, they provide unparalleled visibility into both funding and work across every level of your organization.

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