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Agile Management

Redefine how work is planned, executed and serviced to deliver more value, more rapidly.

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What Is Agile Management From CA Technologies?

Agile Management from CA helps you adapt how you plan, develop and support solutions so you can respond quickly to market changes and deliver customer value fast. We help you achieve this business agility through training, coaching, best practices and tools like CA Project & Portfolio Management, CA Agile Central and IT Service Management.

CA Project & Portfolio Management

Gain confidence your business strategy is on target through better planning and insights.

CA Agile Central

Build and deliver the right software with speed, quality and efficiency.

CA Service Management

Designed for humans, built for service. Deliver faster service with new user experience.

Agile PPM Market Leaders

We know that most businesses benefit from adoption of agile approaches, particularly in a volatile, highly competitive marketplace. But with increased agile engagement and adoption also comes a commensurate need for governance and management 

When trying to integrate and balance these two disciplines; challenges may surface. This is where CA is well-positioned to help.

Get the latest IDC MarketScape to learn how CA is solving these challenges with the integration of CA Project & Portfolio Management with CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) and why we are a Leader in the Agile PPM market.

IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Agile PPM 2017 Vendor Assessment

What Is Agile PPM?

A coordinated agile and project and portfolio management approach for businesses and technology teams that helps to focus execution, reduce time to value and improve metrics.

A unique combination of agile development and enterprise portfolio management capabilities drives business agility.

Our Agile Management solutions offer a combination of agile development and enterprise portfolio management capabilities that drives business agility.

The integrated solution of CA Project & Portfolio Manager (CA PPM) and CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) helps you integrate agility and governance by connecting the work of agile teams to your enterprise portfolio. With a view into cross-functional metrics, portfolio managers and business leaders can monitor budgets and optimize resources.

With this approach to adopting agile, you can continue using traditional methods, while growing agile adoption to deliver on portfolio investments faster—with higher quality and predictable business results.

CA transforms the business with its own Agile Management solutions

Using our own solutions, CA has fundamentally transformed its IT organization and made it more agile. Not just in terms of the methodology it follows, but by being responsive to changing business demands, which translates into new business needs.

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Agile is more than a methodology.

It’s a mindset that changes how you deliver value to your customers—one that transforms market strategy into marketable innovation. When you’re agile, the right people will always get access to the right information, faster than ever before. You’ll remove the barriers that separate your teams. And you’ll transform app delivery from an end result into a continuous, evolving part of your business. So you’ll be poised to create change, not just react to it.

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Learn how agile leaders and collaborative communication accelerate business results and increase customer satisfaction.

Go Faster Forward with CA+ Video Learning.

Want to know how agile works? Hit play and tune in to CA+ Video Learning for insight and advice on making your company an agile innovator. You’ll learn how to get started, create and cultivate an agile culture, scale agile and much more. It’s essential education for tomorrow’s agile leaders.

Navigating Your Agility Journey

Agile Management provides a proven way to help you comfortably adopt agile practices and manage your entire project portfolio by providing visibility into every team’s business deliverables and resources. By connecting teams to business priorities and matching growing business demand with capacity, our solutions help ensure plans are realistic, valuable and predictable.

  • Offer a central place to prioritize and fund the right portfolio initiatives 
  • Connect funding to the execution of business initiatives 
  • Provide analytics across multiple disciplines and teams 
  • Enable faster feedback loops for communicating strategic and investment plans for better work alignment
  • Access customized portfolio dashboards for multiple stakeholders—regardless of agile, waterfall or hybrid work approaches

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