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Continuous Delivery

Automate the development, testing and release of software.

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Eliminate obstacles with continuous delivery tools.

The implementation of continuous delivery is a critical step to achieving a mature and successful DevOps practice within your organization. While DevOps focuses in large part on transformation at a cultural and organization level, continuous delivery is key to transforming the technical aspects of software delivery.

To scale, DevOps organizations need to create a robust framework of tools and processes to enable continuous delivery. Organizations can only get so far through the ad hoc adoption of open source tools and point solutions; eventually, they will need to move to the next level and adopt a more integrated approach. With an end-to-end ecosystem of development, test and release management tools, organizations are delivering software continuously—with higher quality and at lower costs.

Our continuous delivery tools provide a solid set of core functionality that will enable you to gain a competitive advantage and win in today’s modern software factory.

What is continuous delivery?

Continuous delivery is a software engineering discipline that allows organizations to consistently deliver quality software at a rapid pace. Continuous delivery can help reduce the costs, time and risk of delivering changes by enabling more incremental updates in production.

You can automate your entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) through our continuous delivery tools that can enable your development, testing and release teams to work concurrently and continuously. Essentially, continuous delivery is about removing excess overhead, distractions and delays that come with traditional software development.

Wherever you are in your agile journey, we're here to help.


Plan and Develop

Every second counts when you deliver quality applications. CA provides the continuous delivery tools to help your teams plan and develop with increased efficiency, productivity and speed. Eliminate roadblocks throughout your application lifecycle.

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It’s a stark reality that legacy testing methods and tools have not kept up with today’s delivery models. In many ways, testing is the final, critical requirement of DevOps and continuous delivery. Traditional testing inhibits development speed and impacts quality. Developer and testing teams don’t have weeks to test, but hours.

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Ensure the right application content is deployed to the right environments at the right time with our continuous delivery tools. You can also actively manage testing workflows for intelligent, continuous testing and better quality. Connect teams from development to operations for closer collaboration and efficiency.

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Continuous Delivery Tools

CA Agile Requirements Designer

Test at the speed of agile with the automation of requirements and test design.                 

CA Service Virtualization

Accelerate application delivery, continuously improve quality and reduce time-to-market. 

CA BlazeMeter

Democratize Performance Testing in the Continuous Delivery Era.  

CA Test Data Manager

Deliver innovation faster with less risk, for less cost.                   

CA Continuous Delivery Director

Make your release planning and management as agile as your development.                

Release Automation

Reliably and rapidly release high-quality software anywhere, anytime.              

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