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Continuous Delivery Tools

Automate the development, testing and release of software.

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Eliminate obstacles with continuous delivery tools.

The implementation of continuous delivery is a critical step to achieving a mature and successful DevOps practice within your organization. While DevOps focuses in large part on transformation at a cultural and organization level, continuous delivery is key to transforming the technical aspects of software delivery.

To scale, DevOps organizations need to create a robust framework of tools and processes to enable continuous delivery. Organizations can only get so far through the ad hoc adoption of open source tools and point solutions; eventually, they will need to move to the next level and adopt a more integrated approach. With an end-to-end ecosystem of development, test and release management tools, organizations are delivering software continuously—with higher quality and at lower costs.

Our continuous delivery tools provide a solid set of core functionality that will enable you to gain a competitive advantage and win in today’s modern software factory.

What is continuous delivery?

Continuous delivery is the end-to-end practice and automation that enables organizations to rapidly and reliably deliver high-quality software on demand. It’s about removing excess overhead, distractions and delays that come with traditional software delivery and enabling your development, testing and release teams to work concurrently and continuously. By adopting continuous delivery, companies can reduce the costs, time and risk of delivering new features and fixes to their customers.

Why is continuous delivery important?

By maintaining the status quo of software delivery, companies face real business risk—customer loss, revenue loss and value loss. Customers want great performing apps that meet their needs and have no issues abandoning companies that disappoint. Delays in releasing apps reduce your maximum sales time, which impacts revenue. And too much manual work, unplanned work, rework, wait time and technical debt undermines your team’s ability to deliver continuous value, impacting your competitive edge.

Continuous delivery leverages pipeline automation, visibility and measurement to help teams work together better to plan, develop, test and release software that aligns to business requirements and customer expectations.

As companies mature their continuous delivery practice, they can deliver a growing cadence and complexity of applications and ensure the optimal customer experience. Teams also become more productive, focusing on delivering differentiating features versus managing unplanned work and maintenance tasks.

90% of companies rely on software to help the business compete.

Continuous Delivery Journey Map

How does continuous delivery work? Step by step.

The continuous delivery journey starts by examining your end-to-end value stream with the quest to eliminate barriers between ideas and outcomes. Your journey will take you from manual or scripted processes to automated, end-to-end processes—focusing on transforming culture, processes and tooling as you progress. With more automation comes the opportunity to fully optimize the efficiency and quality of the continuous delivery pipeline—delivering high-quality apps on demand.

With an automated continuous delivery pipeline in place, enterprises can simplify and standardize their delivery processes and, ultimately, roll out higher-quality releases with greater frequency. They’ll be able to plan, execute and govern releases as a connected team, making them more responsive to changing requirements. Likewise, it will become easier to scale in response to the growing volume of applications, releases, environments and dependencies. And, they’ll have the freedom to leverage data in ways that enable continuous improvements to quality, processes, time to resolution and team productivity.

Where Do Your Tools Fit Within the Continuous Delivery Landscape?

The ever-evolving DevOps landscape has created a disordered sprawl. So how do you construct a coherent continuous delivery toolchain in such a complex and diverse arena? Our interactive map allows you to explore the most prominent continuous delivery tools and understand how CA Continuous Delivery Automation can bridge the gap between your different tools, ensuring the different stages of your releases are just stops on a smoothly orchestrated journey.

Continuous Delivery at Enterprise Scale

Continuous Delivery tools from CA standardize, accelerate and optimize continuous delivery pipelines in the Modern Software Factory. We help you tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing enterprise software delivery transformation through:

End-to-end value delivery

Do you know where time is spent delivering software changes, what is causing the delays and what value is delivered at the end of the day? With our continuous delivery solution, you can manage complex value streams with multiple apps and dependencies—always knowing the business impact of the pipeline.

Abstracted, consistent release processes

Current deployments are too closely tied to on-premises models and tooling, yet most companies have a cloud strategy and have moved data centers to the cloud. How do you adapt for what you have today and bridge the gap for tomorrow? Continuous Delivery from CA provides model-based releases that help you apply consistent, repeatable processes regardless of underlying environment.

Open and integrated toolchain

Modern apps are complex with multiple development teams each using their own tools. Coordinating tools and teams is often done manually or through scripting, which causes errors and delays. With Continuous Delivery from CA, you can easily leverage best-of-breed tools across the DevOps ecosystem, whether open source, commercial or home grown.

Mainframe to microservices support

Most enterprises have a large number of existing, business-critical apps that will not be going away any time soon. Meanwhile they are creating new, modern apps that still must work with legacy apps. Legacy- and future-proof with our continuous delivery solution’s complete support and expertise to handle multimodal environments—and whatever the future holds.

Continuous testing orchestration

Testing can often be an isolated, manual function disconnected from the end-to-end release process. It’s the biggest bottleneck in the pipeline today. Continuous delivery from CA provides testing transparency, automation and intelligence for the Modern Software Factory by managing testing stages, change validation and delivery risk across the organization.

Visibility and analytics

Few companies have visibility of their end-to-end release process. The process is scattered and takes too long, but no one knows why. Get insights into application delivery performance and release readiness to continually improve with our continuous delivery solution.

Compliance and security

Security and governance are ever more important, yet typically addressed late in the delivery cycle resulting in delays, rework and risk exposure. Continuous Delivery solutions from CA enable you to access complete end-to-end audit trail and shift security checks left.

Continuous Delivery Tools

CA’s continuous delivery solutions take on the complexity of ever-evolving enterprise applications and environments—streamlining, visualizing and optimizing application delivery from mobile to mainframe. CA’s tool-agnostic, cross-platform and multi-stack solutions mean that development teams can continue using the tools they are most comfortable with, while DevOps teams can collaboratively build automated deployment and release management processes that work for everyone across the DevOps toolchain—from planning through production. Build the automation foundation of your modern software factory today.

Automic® Continuous Delivery Director

(formerly CA Continuous Delivery Director)

Automic Continuous Delivery Director drives multi-app release planning and management, intelligent continuous testing and actionable analytics leveraging integrations across the DevOps toolchain.

Automic® Continuous Delivery Automation

(formerly CA Continuous Delivery Automation)

With Automic Continuous Delivery Automation, you can achieve consistent, predictable, repeatable and auditable deployments across the continuous delivery pipeline—dev, test and production.