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Database Automation With CA Automic Workload Automation

Integrate SQL Jobs with enterprise workloads.

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Increase agility and reliability for your databases.

Your database team is under pressure. Manual scheduling of SQL jobs threatens deadlines as jobs wait on the detection of file arrivals, alerts and other events. Maintaining SQL jobs and enterprise workloads with multiple tools wastes valuable IT resources while unmonitored, standalone SQL database jobs and scripts can expose enterprise security controls. Moreover, a lack of alignment between DBAs and application managers adds to operational overheads.

CA Automic Workload Automation enables you to execute SQL commands including DDL, DML, stored procedures and DBA functions without having to use an external command line tool. CA Technologies advanced security model simplifies your database administration, making security concerns, unwieldy tools, wrapper scripts and confusing evaluations of the past. Tasks can proceed in a uniform manner within the framework of enterprise workload automation.

Removing unnecessary manual steps and bringing SQL jobs into automation workflows enables IT Operations teams to gain the agility businesses now demand for digital transformation.

Database Automation With CA Automic Workload Automation Features

Job Designer

Uses an interface tailored to support the different types of database jobs

Database Events

A powerful event object that allows the initiation of a job or process flow based on the value of a database query

Broad Database Support

Integration with databases like SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, SAP Hana, Sybase, Informix, Ingres


Executes multiple database jobs in parallel by creating a separate thread for every job

Execution Control

The results of a transaction are made available as a job report; date and time stamps are provided in a uniform format for all databases

Managed File Transfer

Integrated file transfer ensures timely, accurate and secure data transfer

Database Automation With CA Automic Workload Automation Benefits

Simplified Management

Simplifies the management of IT workload across multiple and heterogeneous database instances

Eliminates Errors

Reduces errors and delays by removing reliance on custom scripts

Improved Visibility

Enhances visibility of database jobs and other business application workload, end to end

Stronger Security

Encrypts passwords in login objects for greater security and avoids multiplication of local scripts

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