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Development meets operations. It’s one great team, supported by advanced automation.

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Dev? Ops? Yes.

DevOps isn’t a new concept, but real-world adoption is no easy feat. Advanced automation in the form of dedicated solutions enable process evolution and refinement, spanning the entire application lifecycle. Our industry-leading portfolio of DevOps tools empower you to unify development and operations to deliver breakthrough applications that maximize customer experience. Through continuous collaboration and innovation across the entire DevOps spectrum, the quality and velocity of software delivery increases while overhead costs and waste are reduced. Leverage the DevOps tools that will accelerate your DevOps success, today.

56% of software defects can be traced back to poorly defined requirements.1

1. Requirements Based Testing Process Overview—Bender RBT Inc., 2009

Empower your development teams to make a difference.

Your organization’s ability to differentiate depends on how quickly you innovate applications to meet customers’ evolving expectations. To address this opportunity, your IT workforce must continuously accelerate software delivery to create awesome apps that attract new customers and retain loyal users. Enable success with flexible DevOps tools from CA Technologies that help your teams develop quickly, test automatically and release reliably, while reducing manual effort and errors. Embrace the solutions needed to deliver optimal apps that thrill customers and grow your business.

Agile development and DevOps practices are coming to the mainframe.

Improving innovation velocity is all about culture, process and tools. CA offers DevOps for Mainframe solutions that make your path simpler, because your existing CA tools have the ability to support agile development, continuous testing, continuous delivery and agile operations on mainframe platforms. Get your dev, test and ops teams working together with better visibility than ever before.


Ignite innovation through the continuous development of quality applications.


Continuously release high-quality apps at scale.

Bring Operations closer to everyone.

Winning applications are all about thrilling customer experience. That’s why operations teams must retain laser focused on performance, collaborating closely with development teams. CA Technologies can help, providing DevOps tools that connect everyone with a single, shared view that offers deep application insights, from mobile to the mainframe. With top-notch management and monitoring solutions from CA Technologies, you’ll find and fix problems before your customers even know they exist. Because after all, superior customer experience makes for happy customers, and happy customers makes for a healthy business.


Maximize visibility from mobile to mainframe with application and infrastructure monitoring.

Go Faster Forward with CA+ Video Learning.

When your teams work as one, it’s a real plus. Make it happen with CA+ Video Learning. You’ll dig deep into important DevOps issues like testing at speed, automating processes, managing and monitoring application performance and more. It’s end-to-end learning to help you deliver faster, for less.

Create flawless user experiences based on real data.

Optimize your development cycle with real-time insights and actionable data—and get up to 85 percent faster transaction responses.2 That way your development teams will be free to focus on creating delightful customer experiences.

2. Based on actual customers who have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database.

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