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Transforming culture, process and tooling to accelerate software delivery.

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Redefine software delivery to innovate faster and thrill customers.

DevOps adoption has taken off, transforming the software factory and revolutionizing application delivery. By redefining culture and leveraging advanced automation to facilitate DevOps, today’s practitioners are rapidly translating ideas into breakthrough applications. CA Technologies offers the widest range of dedicated capabilities necessary to accelerate innovation and harness the power of DevOps to maximize customer experience.

Harness the power of agile and DevOps with advanced automated solutions

Manage Agilely

Redefine how software is planned, executed and serviced to fast-forward innovation.

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Deliver Continuously

Develop, test and release faster, accelerating time to market with a total end-to-end solution.

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Operate Agilely

Optimize user experience with actionable insights fueled by analytics.

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Realize the Combined Benefits of Agile and DevOps

DevOps is the most effective manner of putting agile methodologies to work in the modern software factory and existing practitioners are realizing a long list of benefits. From speeding time to market and improving customer experience, to accelerating time to decision and improving operational efficiency, leveraging DevOps and agile together is the ultimate force multiplier.

Embracing agile practices to advance DevOps and accelerate innovation

Realizing DevOps transformation begins with embracing agile to plan, build and deliver innovative applications that transcend customer expectations. That’s why CA offers Agile Management solutions that provide the technology and consulting required to fully engage agile software delivery, including DevOps, redefining how applications are created and serviced.

Unlocking the power of APIs to build and manage superior apps using DevOps

Optimizing use of the modern API to unlock powerful data lies at the center of DevOps and digital transformation. CA API Management solutions provide the capabilities necessary to smoothly create, integrate and monitor APIs, greatly improving the reliability, scalability and security of applications. Harness the API to accelerate innovation across the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Agile development and DevOps practices are coming to the mainframe.

Improving innovation velocity is all about culture, process and tools. CA offers DevOps for mainframe solutions that make your path simpler—your existing CA tools support agile development, continuous testing, continuous delivery and agile operations on mainframe platforms. Get your dev, test and ops teams working together with better visibility than ever before.

Continuous delivery to increase application quality and velocity, at lower cost

Continuous Delivery solutions from CA enable you to bring innovations to market quickly, at higher speed and increased quality—at a lower cost. Because CA provides an open and integrated, end-to-end Continuous Delivery toolset, you can enhance automation throughout the software development lifecycle. With CA, you can continuously develop, test and release high quality software to achieve a true competitive advantage.

Flawless customer experience from apps optimized for performance

Winning applications deliver superior customer experience. That’s why IT operations teams remain laser focused on performance, collaborating with development to engineer resilience and quality into every release. To support these goals, CA provides end-to-end monitoring fueled by advanced analytics for actionable business insights and increased operational intelligence.

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