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Release Reliably

CA Release Automation enables fast, consistent deployments across public, private and hybrid clouds.

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Get up and running, fast.

To keep up with customer demand, you need to deliver apps faster. Disparate deployment processes can slow productivity and delivery. CA Release Automation is fully automated to enable fast, consistent deployment across public, private and hybrid clouds.

Release consistently.

CA Release Automation helps you take control over your entire release process by enabling consistent deployments to the public cloud for testing and private cloud for production—all within the same workflow.

Cut down on recovery time.

CA Release Automation lets you quickly identify bottlenecks and release errors and speed up mean time to recovery—so your managers have visibility into, and insights from, your agile pipeline.

Integrating Skytap with CA Release Automation

Dynamically Provision AWS EC2 Environments with CA Release Automation

Optimize the pipeline.

Are your app releases out of control? Get the upper hand with CA Release Automation and get a single point of control for end-to-end optimization of your application releases through the continuous delivery pipeline.

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