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Financial Services, rewritten by software.

Retail and commercial banks and insurance companies are embracing digital transformation with CA.

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The digital customer is transforming financial services.

Modern consumers expect each experience with their bank, insurance company or other financial organization to be secure and personalized across every digital touchpoint. Along with increased regulatory compliance and FinTechs entering the mainstream financial services is fundamentally changing to compete and thrive in the app economy.

CA Technologies recently commissioned global research that shows how financial services companies are responding to these challenges through digital transformation and measuring dramatically improved business results with proven technologies and practices.

Enrich digital experience, penetrate new markets and innovate products.

When you combine the speed and disruption from fintechs with the digital appetite and expectations of the millennial consumer, there is no denying that change is required to win in the financial world. CA offers solutions that enable you to exploit new technologies and ecosystems and unlock the latent value of your data so you can quickly seize opportunities.

  • Maximize API ROI with an open banking platform to extend digital offerings, reach new customers and satisfy regulatory requirements. Explore
  • Quickly create secure APIs to accelerate mobile and IoT development and extend your ecosystem. Explore
  • Get to know customers better through real-time user and app experience analytics. Explore

Decrease fraud and risk with frictionless security.

Customers trust you with their data and identity, but they also want hassle-free access to their financial resources. To maintain loyalty and increase revenue, you need to deliver great a customer experience while managing security and adhering to government regulations. With CA, you can prevent and thwart attacks while providing customer convenience that protects financial transactions and prevents privileged users from stealing sensitive data.

  • Give customers easy, yet secure access to their financial resources. Explore
  • Provide frictionless eCommerce that minimizes fraud and transaction abandonment. Explore
  • Prevent breaches and reduce exposure for privileged accounts across hybrid environments. Explore
  • Secure data and protect APIs across delivery channels with centralized, policy-driven control. Explore

Get to market faster and maximize resources.

While new competition and digital possibilities abound in the finance industry, incumbent organizations will maintain leadership by strategically balancing innovation with the skills, infrastructure and information they own. CA works with financial institutions to modernize application development by removing bottlenecks, scaling agile methodologies and providing the building blocks for a software development factory that can respond and deliver quickly.

  • Ensure strategic alignment, manage your portfolio and maximize project ROI. Explore
  • Scale agile development to boost collaboration, speed responsiveness and rapidly build products. Explore
  • Use DevOps to mitigate risks earlier, automate and virtualize testing and continuously release software. Explore
  • Unlock business value by integrating and optimizing legacy systems. Explore

Ensure performance and quality for every experience across any infrastructure.

Amazing and reliable experiences across every channel, from digital to physical, are necessary for financial organizations to build loyalty and increase revenue streams. Performance issues that impact business must be avoided and resolved quickly when they do happen. CA offers solutions, from mainframe to mobile, to manage infrastructure and monitor user experience across the complex, composite environments required for financial transactions.

  • Find defects early and ensure performance for every touchpoint. Explore
  • Confidently choose and proactively manage your cloud and hybrid infrastructure from a single console. Explore
  • Evolve your legacy enterprise visibility and continuously tune performance. Explore

See how CA solutions have helped organizations like yours.

Check out more case studies below. You can filter the library by product or sort by location.

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The world of enterprise IT is changing, fast. Keep up.

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