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Healthcare, rewritten by software.

With CA, healthcare organizations can deliver life-saving services faster, making lives healthier.

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Increase agility and innovate faster so you can deliver life-saving services more quickly and safely.

The healthcare industry is facing an unprecedented combination of competitive, regulatory and financial pressures that must be addressed through innovation and operational precision. The empowered digital healthcare customer, armed with a wealth of information and tools, adds another dimension with a demand for more transparency and personalization of their treatment.

At CA Technologies, we work with healthcare organizations to execute digital transformation initiatives that continuously deliver secure, customer-centric services and healthier lives.

Introduce customer-centric services using new technologies and easier collaboration.

Healthcare is rapidly moving from a clinical, fee-for-service model to a more holistic one with direct customer interaction and focus on outcomes and wellness. CA is helping healthcare providers extend the point of care to homes, mobile and IoT devices, build communities to enable data sharing through standards like FHIR and foster open yet safe collaboration for researchers and developers.

  • Reach new customers and satisfy regulatory and security requirements with an open, API-driven platform to extend digital offerings with CA API Management.
  • Accelerate mobile and IoT development while improving the experience for developers, care providers and patients with CA Mobile API Gateway.
  • Get to know customers better through real-time user and app experience analytics with CA App Experience Analytics.
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Balance brand protection and fraud prevention with customer convenience.

Healthcare improves when the right people have access to the best possible patient and treatment information when and where they need it. The criticality and sensitivity of customer data also makes it a prime target for cybercriminals and identity thieves. With CA, you can prevent attacks and keep privileged users from stealing sensitive data, all while providing patient, provider and payer convenience.

Drive down development costs while improving delivery and reliability.

Healthcare organizations rely on the integration of critical systems and data that are generally decentralized, creating unique requirements and high costs for application development, testing and integration. With CA, you can deliver value more quickly by building a modern software development factory that removes bottlenecks and inefficiencies, scales agile methodologies and improves quality.

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Ensure high-quality customer experience for all channels and users.

With the digitization of the healthcare supply chain—from research and patient diagnostics to prescriptions and wellness plans—performance and quality of a growing number of critical applications is required to ensure accurate, high-quality care and deliver great customer service. To accomplish this, healthcare organizations need to manage the complex, hybrid infrastructure, the applications themselves and the end user experience, across all delivery channels.

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