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Manufacturing & Automotive, rewritten by software.

CA helps manufacturing and automotive firms thrive in an application economy.

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From the connected car to personalized sneakers, manufacturing is undergoing a massive digital transformation.

Digitization is redefining the manufacturing supply chain, from virtual prototyping to just-in-time production to the empowered consumer. Mass customization and rapid delivery are necessary for manufacturing survival, requiring transparency, trust and collaboration across previously siloed channels and teams.

At CA Technologies, we are helping manufacturers balance lean and fast with product innovation and customer engagement.

Exploit next-generation technology and maximize new partnerships to enhance customer experience.

To take full advantage of mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, machine-to-machine communication and other new technologies you need an approach with built-in flexibility to move fast and open your ecosystem without losing security.

  • Better collaboration, improved access and increased interconnectivity with buyers and partners maximizes API ROI with CA API Management.
  • Quickly create secure APIs to accelerate mobile and IoT development and extend your ecosystem with CA Mobile API Gateway.
  • Inject consumer insights throughout the supply chain through real-time user and app experience analytics with CA App Experience Analytics.

Brand and consumer protection from the factory floor to the wearable device.

The dynamic manufacturing supply chain is increasing the use of wireless sensors, robotics and machine-to-machine communication, in turn increasing points of vulnerability. Employees and partners alike require quick access to resources and identities need to be continuously audited for security and “privilege creep.” With CA solutions, you can prevent and thwart attacks while providing user convenience and protecting digital assets.

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Prioritize investments and run lean to innovate in real time.

To find capital and resources in order to innovate quickly and remain profitable, manufacturers are focused on optimizing operational processes and assets. CA works with manufacturers to build modern software development factories that lower costs and improve responsiveness by digitizing the supply chain, removing bottlenecks and constraints, scaling agile methodologies and maximizing existing resources.

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Optimize application and infrastructure performance and utilization throughout the supply chain.

Performance issues have always slowed down production, but the stakes are even higher with an interconnected digital supply chain. To drive revenue and meet changing customer demands, manufacturers need to ensure performance for critical apps across the supply chain—from design to factory logistics and ERP to CRM—through an increasing variety of physical, virtual and cloud models.

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