Mission-Essential in the Application Economy

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Your Mainframe: Mission-Essential for Digital Transformation

Mission essential systems run on mainframes. With 71% of corporate data, it is no wonder that 63% of your peers are forecasting growth in utilization. What’s more is that the Mainframe now finds itself at an inflection point: going from being a supporting platform of transaction revenue to becoming a source of revenue growth and innovation. In fact, according to IDC Connected Mainframe adopters are realizing 300% ROI, a 10 month payback and additional $200M in application revenue.

Your digital innovation journey on the mainframe starts here.

Deliver the platform economics expected by your CFO and deliver business continuity expected by your stakeholders.

Embrace toolset and process modernization to achieve innovation velocity and faster issue resolution.

Prevent problems and fix them fast when they happen with analytics and machine learning.

Utilize automation with operational control that scales and runs at the speed of your business.

Manage the risk of security threats and improve your compliance posture to protect sensitive mainframe data.

Fill talent gaps and plan for your next generation of IT skills powering the mission-essential mainframe.

Mainframe Economics:

Mainframe computing provides customer value and economies of scale.

Mention the mainframe to business stakeholders and cost containment is top of mind. CA tools and services will help you change the conversation to value versus expense. We’ll help you not just reduce cost but show how your organization can harness surprising scale economics and centralized process efficiencies to run optimal always-on operations.

Solutions for Sustainable Cost and OPEX Management

Remove product redundancies and streamline your mainframe environment to a single vendor.

Fueling transformation, security and agility throughout your mainframe cloud journey.

Business Agility:

Agile development and DevOps practices are coming to the mainframe.

Improving innovation velocity is all about culture, process and tools. CA offers DevOps for Mainframe solutions that make your path simpler, because your existing CA tools have the ability to support agile development, continuous testing, continuous delivery and agile operations on mainframe platforms. Get your dev, test and ops teams working together with better visibility than ever before.

1. As indicated by the latest market share update, Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2015 report published on March 31, 2016 by Gartner.

Let’s go—Start your Mainframe DevOps journey here.

Modernize mobile-to-mainframe applications to get to market faster.

Explore Mainframe Deployment Solutions >

Visualize, monitor and control to prevent problems before they happen.

End-to-End Mainframe Performance >

See why more of your peers pick CA over others.

Why Mainframe for DevOps >

Mainframe Intelligent Automation:

Prevent problems and fix them fast when they happen.

For mission-essential services downtime is disaster. Do you know what is happening when, where and why across your infrastructure? Can you prevent problems before they happen? Mainframe performance and orchestration solutions from CA now take collaboration, automation and operational intelligence to the next level; enabling seamless triage across IT teams and faster problem resolution.

Solutions to Optimize Systems Performance

Reduce MTTR and empower your staff across the enterprise to quickly triage problems

CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence >

Optimize your growing storage environment to cut costs and improve effectiveness

Storage Management for Mainframe >

Streamline performance, backup & recovery

CA Database Management for DB2 for z/OS >

Workload Automation:

Modern Automation at the speed of business coupled with the uncompromised confidence of operational control

CA Workload Automation enables application and operations teams to work together to respond quickly to real-time business demands by reducing the complexity of managing application workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Deliver major business applications with greater reliability and flexibility, in sync with workflows running across your organization. CA Workload Automation is build to scale powering flawless experiences demanded by today’s digital businesses.

CA Workload Automation solutions that will revolutionize your business.

Scale and automate complex cross-enterprise workloads with maximum flexibility.

CA Workload Automation >

Powerful analytics for critical path monitoring and SLA management.

CA Workload Automation iDash >

Find out why your peers are choosing CA over BMC.

Why CA for Automation and Management >

Mainframe Security and Compliance:

Mitigate the risk of catastrophic breaches, data loss and associated fines.

New threats and looming regulations–there are no days off when it comes to security. The mainframe is no longer immune–in the application economy the mainframe is interconnected with everything else. Mitigate real risks with leading CA Mainframe security solutions that are designed to work across the security lifecycle from access control to data protection to compliance.

Solutions to Mitigate risk before an attack happens or your next audit

Address GDPR compliance

Mainframe security solutions eliminate manual audits, quickly isolating sensitive data–the first step in GDPR compliance

Solutions for GDPR compliance >

Find, classify and protect.

CA Data Content Discovery >

Alert, Inspect and Protect

CA Compliance Event Manager >

Mainframe Skills:

The world needs mainframers

Did you know that mainframe resources are some of the hardest to fill talent? As the first generation of mainframers are retiring, the next generation is being trained for the future.

Are you as an IT leader prepared?

Partner with CA. Let us help you manage and plan for your next generation of IT skills powering the mission-essential Mainframe.

Tap CA experts to fill skills gaps, monitor, manage, measure and get alerts on your mission-essential software.

CA M3A Services >

Address mainframe talent gaps and cross-train the next generation of IT staff

Mainframe Academy >

Our software continues to evolve to ensure value to you. Get your teams up to speed with the latest capabilities, features and releases.

Mainframe Training >

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Mobile-to-Mainframe Webcast Series

Mainframe Infrastructure and Operations in Action

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