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Blockchain for Business

CA takes you from pilot to production.

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CA for Blockchain

Blockchain is a key technology enabler for organizations looking to digitally transform their business. CA specializes in delivering software and tools to establish digital trust through data security, scalability and business agility. We are working with first movers to extend CA's flagship solutions and solve enterprise adoption challenges with blockchain for business. Whether it is a hackathon or a key pilot, we are here to help you take advantage of industry toolsets and make the right early decisions to set your path to success.

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Blockchain for Business 101

Blockchain – Is it ready to deploy?

Your blockchain will need to have scale, security and agility before you can execute on development projects, and drive value. Here’s how.

Data Security

How do you secure sensitive data on a multi-party, multi-legal system, and ensure compliance with security regulations? We are adapting our tools to blockchain to be able to scan for sensitive information, manage governance models and protect data integrity at the enterprise-level.

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Challenges to Adopting Blockchain for Business

Scalability and Operational Excellence

Businesses need to be able to monitor and detect operational anomalies on multiple blockchain networks, scale throughput without comprising performance and identify and resolve the impact of poorly performing smart contracts, to ensure an operationally efficient blockchain network that can grow with your business. CA can help.

Data Deployment

The true value of innovation is realized through the integration of existing systems and new technology, with little to no downtime. CA can help you integrate your extant data with blockchain transactions for a seamless transition.

Start Here — Solutions

CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence

Predict problems sooner, fix them faster and protect your mainframe experts.

CA Data Content Discovery

Find, classify and protect enterprise data.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Blockchain

Daunting? Not really. At CA, our incubators and engineering labs followed the just-do-it model, when it came to getting started. Take a look at one of the demos from the three hackathons we conducted over just six weeks.

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