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Broadcom Mainframe Consumption Licensing Program

Gain more visibility and predictability into your mainframe pricing.

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Addressing the needs of the business

Historically, mainframe pricing methodologies have run the gamut from full “MIPS-on-the-floor” pricing to the Rolling 4 Hour Average (R4HA) method. Regardless of what approach used, the result was a disconnect between how and where you run workloads and the needs of the business. Too often, this caused near “un-natural” acts of workload deployment as management and software resources were spent solving an optimization problem that addressed an internal IT metric as opposed to delivering value to the business.

Broadcom has introduced Mainframe Consumption Licensing (MCL), a value-based software licensing model designed to provide increased clarity, predictability and flexibility of software consumption on z/OS mainframe systems.

Freedom to pay for what you consume

With MCL, you now can have a cloud-like pricing framework that aligns to your business demands. Working with Broadcom, you decide on a consumption baseline of MSUs for a given time period using SCRT analysis reporting. Any usage above your baseline is subject to a pre-defined pricing plan at the start. Simple and Transparent.

Flexibility to roll-over what you don’t use

The proliferation of Hybrid Cloud environments creates a more dynamic workload scenario for the mainframe. So, for times where you don’t consume the full baseline, Broadcom has added the flexibility to overcome resource underutilization by rolling over unused MSUs to the next true-up period. Similar to cellular phone plans, unused MSU’s roll over to the next period for consumption within the contract term.

Mitigate development and test workload impacts

Innovation happens when you build and deploy new apps. But in the past, you were penalized by developing on the mainframe since those workloads consumed valuable MIPS, thus contributing to an artificial view of production usage. Our plan excludes development and test utilization from MCL utilization so you are truly paying for consumption.

Move forward on your own terms

The mainframe is the foundation of your mission critical data and applications. Leverage this asset to its fullest extent. With Broadcom’s MCL you’ll spend less time managing costs and more time managing the value to your business giving you the confidence to grow your environment on your own terms.

For additional information please contact your Broadcom account representative, or click here to send an email for requesting more information. Please include company name and full contact information.