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Mainframe Innovation

Become a digital enterprise by building digital trust.

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Innovations for the Next 50 years

If your business has the mainframe platform, chances are, your customers trust you. Your brand, your reputation and your data are your competitive advantage. So how do you keep that competitive advantage, when new entrants are disrupting categories as diverse as transportation to banking? 

Evolve to a self-driving data center.

How do you deliver 99.999% availability and redundancy to ensure that systems stay up and deliver the experience your customers deserve? And manage the fact that core tribal knowledge about the mainframe may be retiring?

You do so with mainframe operational intelligence. It combines predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to crunch and learn from your data, applies algorithms and automates so you can more proactive, not reactive, in resolving your issues.

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Move at cloud speed.

Many of your core applications and services rely on mainframe data and services. In fact, mainframes house 70% or more of  your corporate data and there are 5 billion lines of COBOL code added yearly. As you connect applications to back-end data or seek to modernize your code base, do you have the skillsets needed? CA is pioneering self-service on mainframe, to empower the next generation of millennial mainframers to succeed without the green screen.

Disrupt with blockchain.

Yes, blockchain is all the rage right now. Beyond the headlines, did you know that mainframes are powering many of the pilots today? That’s because the platform has the scale and encryption levels that the modern blockchain implementations need as they scale out.


Mission-Essential in the Application Economy

CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence

Embedded intelligence to proactively prevent problems, fix issues faster and get more done.