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Microservices & Microservice Architectures

Build your application architecture with microservices and APIs for agility, scale and security.

Create Microservices Secure and Manage Microservices

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What Are Microservices?

A microservice is a design pattern to turn complex applications into simple and fine-grained yet reusable and interoperable processes that can be modified and deployed independently of each other.

According to the book Microservice Architecture (authored by members of the API Academy), microservices display the following common characteristics:

  • Small
  • Messaging-enabled
  • Bounded by contexts
  • Autonomously developed
  • Independently deployable
  • Decentralized
  • Language-agnostic
  • Built and released with automated processes

An implementation of this architecture includes microservice services and patterns, and it’s those patterns that allow services to service clients and/or other services.

While you may see microservice and microservice architecture used interchangeably, they’re not quite the same. A microservice architecture is a style of engineering highly-automated, evolvable software systems that are made up of capability-aligned microservices.

As a rule, these components are deployed in a Docker container, providing a centralized runtime environment (although you can have many Docker containers). A side benefit of using Docker containersis that it somewhat eases the management burden.

Modernizing Architecture with APIs & Microservices

See how CA Technologies provides a complete platform for designing, developing, securing and managing microservices.

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Building Microservices

CA Live API Creator is the only automated, low-code microservices development solution, and works up to 10x faster than other approaches. It creates and exposes domain-driven microservices and REST APIs as application backends, providing access to orchestrated data and functionality from both new and legacy systems.

Secure and Deploy Microservices that Scale

CA Microgateway provides proven security and traffic mitigation for your microservice architecture, providing the trust and agility that your enterprise expects. Use with CA API Gateway for extending your microservices to more security and protocol options.

Monitor and Optimize Microservices

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) delivers seamless unified monitoring of infrastructure and applications, including containers, microservices, APIs and mobile technologies.

With a seamless integration to CA API Gateway, it is the industry’s most complete solution for closed-loop monitoring and automation of all your API-connected applications and microservices.

Microservice Architecture Resource Center

Docker and Containers

Launch container DevOps at enterprise scale.

More Microservices Innovation Coming Soon from CA

Visual modelling tool to bridge Dev and Ops.

Super-powered container security.

Seamless observability for Dev and Ops with monitoring as code.

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