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CA Automic for SAP BusinessObjects

Automate and optimize distribution of BI reports.

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CA Automic for SAP BusinessObjects

A business intelligence platform like SAP BusinessObjects provides the ad hoc reporting, self-service data visualization and predictive analytics your organization needs to track, understand and manage the business. However, the challenge is to aggregate data from various silos and provide information on time to decision makers.

For many organizations, the problem lies in managing data integration and distribution. For example, understanding how to distribute the right data at the right time to the right individual; coordinating the ETL and reporting processes; preventing query overload; and optimizing the refresh and distribution of BI reports.

Agile Decision Making and Competitive Advantage

CA Automic for SAP BusinessObjects executes, controls and monitors entire BusinessObjects processes with a few clicks, including Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence. This ensures BusinessObjects reports reach the decision makers on time—every time. The result? Agile decision making and competitive advantage.

Among many features, CA Automic for SAP BusinessObjects enables you to pick parameters from a list while defining jobs, automate without writing scripts/code, notify and restart in case of failure and monitor which reporting processing is running and when it will complete.

CA Automic for SAP BusinessObjects Features

Report Automation

Automate multiple types of SAP BusinessObjects jobs like Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence.

Report Monitoring

Monitor which reporting processing is currently running and when it will complete.

Detailed Logging

Process log and output are registered for data verification and error detection.


Notify and restart processes automatically at the point of failure.


Build dependencies to other tasks such as ETL processing, operating system tasks or database tasks.

Parallel Processing

Control parallel execution of multiple reports and prevents overloading.

CA Automic for SAP BusinessObjects Benefits

Improve Visibility

Manage reporting process end-to-end from data acquisition to report generation

Reduce System Load

Prevent business users from constantly querying your data warehouse as they get their reports delivered to the front door

Increase Standardization

Standardize and accelerate the refresh of your data warehouse and BI reports


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