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SAP FCc Automation

Achieve a fast and a reliable month-end close.

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SAP FCc and CA Automic Workload Automation

Many firms struggle with the financial closing cycle because of complex closing processes which often involve non-SAP processes that need to be executed on time and in the correct sequence. Closing cycles also demand time-consuming manual tasks, such as journal entries, accruals and intercompany reconciliations. The SAP Financial Closing cockpit (FCc) standardizes this closing cycle, giving you greater control over the entire process.

Accelerate the financial close process.

However, manual operations remain, and it is mandatory to automate and integrate those external processes into the SAP FCc. CA Automic Workload Automation enables your organization to accelerate this financial closing process with efficiency, through FCc process automation, centralized monitoring and complete control.

End-to-End SAP FCc Automation

The CA Automic Workload Automation integration with SAP FCc coordinates external tasks like process flows, jobs and file transfers. The solution enables you to plan and execute CA Automic Workload Automation tasks from within SAP FCc and deliver status reports back to the SAP FCc for improved reporting. By automating this management and monitoring of closing processes across the enterprise, you achieve a fast and a reliable month-end close.

SAP FCc Automation Features

External Tasks

Automate external SAP FCc tasks that you’re currently performing manually.

Third-Party Integrations

Enable SAP FCc to run month-end closings within, around and beyond SAP.

Audit Trail

Audit your month-end-closing process with all internal and external regulations.

Managed File Transfer

Eliminate manual steps or extra tools to transfer file within your closing processes.


Forecasting task duration based on historical data or hypothetical scenarios.

SLA Management

Reports and dashboards that let you control the level of service delivered for closing tasks.

SAP FCc Automation Benefits

Close Faster

Reduce the time required for month-end closings. 

Reduce Costs

Automate all the FCc tasks that you’re currently performing manually.

Stay Compliant

Ensure all tasks that make up your closing process can be easily audited.


SAP FCc Automation Resources

Do even more on SAP FCc with CA Automic Workload Automation.

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