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SAP Mass Data Processing With CA Automic Workload Automation

Accelerate SAP mass data processes and increase reliability.

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Reduce costs, complete jobs faster and increase reliability with end-to-end automation for SAP mass data processing.

When it comes to performing payment and dunning runs, time and accuracy are of the essence. Disrupt either of these and you interrupt revenues and cash flow. Both processes require mass data processing, and in an SAP environment, that involves a significant degree of manual scheduling and monitoring. This is where your problems begin.

Using the standard SAP method, online transactions cannot be scheduled as recurrent jobs, variable parameters must be adjusted manually prior to each processing run and the manual approach can easily result in failures. Moreover, monitoring is only available for technical activities, not the overall processing or for runtimes. And you’re often left in the dark, because errors do not result in alarms.

CA Automic Workload Automation brings a different approach to SAP mass data processing. For example, once you create sample sets of parameters in SAP for invoicing or dunning mass data processing runs, CA Automic Workload Automation will use these as a reference for any newly created mass runs, retaining all static values. CA Automic Workload Automation delivers end-to-end automation, resulting in lower costs, faster job completion and increased reliability.

SAP Mass Data Processing With CA Automic Workload Automation Features

Process Integration

Integration of mass processing with other enterprise business processes, systems and applications


Notifies responsible individuals in the event of an error, and where appropriate, block further processing

Result Distribution

Distributing the results by email to the appropriate person, for instance to the responsible accounting clerk

Parallel Processing

Splits up the total processing volume into child jobs before starting the mass run


Monitors all child jobs ensuring execution is fully completed

Log Analysis

Analyzes application log after each individual job finishes, looking for errors

Optimize SAP Mass Data Processing

Reduce errors

Eliminate manual operations and get notified in case of problems.

Accelerate processing

Run jobs in parallel to ensure faster process completion.

Reduce costs

Operations teams no longer have to manually process invoicing and dunning.

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